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Phantom Cricket

Bat Care Service

Bat Care Service

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Services Offered (Phantom and non-phantom bats):

  • PLATINUM: Damage repair, full clean-up, new stickers, new grip, new toe guard, new anti-scuff sheet (£70.00)
  • PLATINUM + REHANDLE : As per Platinum service + Rehandle (£95.00)
  • PLATINUM + WEIGHT REDUCTION : As per Platinum service + Weight reduction (£85.00)
  • GOLD: Full clean-up, new stickers, new grip (£55.00)
  • GOLD + REHANDLE: As per Gold service + Rehandle (£85.00)
  • GOLD + WEIGHT REDUCTION : As per Gold service + Weight reduction (£75.00)
  • SILVER: Full clean-up, new grip (£40.00)
  • SILVER + REHANDLE: As per Silver service + Rehandle (£80.00)
  • SILVER + WEIGHT REDUCTION : As per Silver service + Weight reduction (£65.00)
  • REHANDLE ONLY: (no additional service) (£60.00)

Additional Services to accompany one of the above packages:

  • Extra grip: £4.50
  • Extra Scuff sheet: £7.50
  • Extra Sticker set: £10.00 (Choose from any one of the standard models)

The process:

  1. Place the order online, including any additional services required (each additional will need to be added as a separate product)
  2. Download and complete the Bat Care Form
  3. Attach the Bat Care Form securely to the bat
  4. Send the bat to the address on the form (we recommend that you use a tracked insured service, we cannot take any liability for the bat until it confirmed to be in our possession)
  5. Let our professional service take care of the painstaking task of preparing a new bat.

Note that all bats sent to Phantom Cricket MUST be accompanied by a Bat Care Form. We cannot process the knocking in without this. We also ask you not to send in any cases as we cannot take responsibility for loss of damage to cases.

Whilst we do our best to repair and reinforce cracks and damage, we simply cannot predict or guarantee how long repairs will last. If you’re unsure about whether a repair is worthwhile, we suggest sending clear images showing the damaged areas from various angles by email (, before sending the bats/ purchasing this service. 

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