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ProTek Cricket Groin Guard

ProTek Cricket Groin Guard

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Bringing you the most advanced cricket groin guard on the market, pairing a high-impact plastic cup with market-leading D3O® foam protection.

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Bringing you the most advanced cricket groin guard on the market, pairing a high-impact plastic cup with market-leading D3O® foam protection.


D3O® offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against impact. Our market-defining products are used worldwide by soldiers, professional athletes, industrial workers and people like us.


Pairing a high impact ABS cup with market-leading D3O® protection to bring you a groin guard that offers internal impact protection as well as comfort.


The deeper cup offers a greater level of protection upon impact that previous designs, deformation of shallow cups have been proven to lead to higher severity of impact under laboratory testing


I suspect like me the answer is no, it’s just a piece of kit we learn about from an early age. If you’re anything like my 5 year old they start off thinking it’s a mask, then very quickly learn it’s not!

It’s one piece of kit we hope is never called upon for use, however any of us that have ever been hit there are glad we’ve got one on when it is. At amateur level we face bowling that can reach some decent pace at the higher playing levels, however I’d imagine none of us are facing 95mph+ on a regular basis. This is why a vast majority of Pros opt for wearing 2 boxes. This surely can’t be comfortable during a prolonged innings or when running.


We’ve all heard the horror stories of splitting plastic and pinching parts as a result of the impact. The ventilation features, similarly to helmets, are an area of weakness and can lead to failure as a result. Internally there maybe a thin layer of material between the box and our prized assets.

With material advancements and highly effective impact foams such as @d3olab it presents the perfect opportunity to really look at moving things forward and investing in the safety of an area of neglected. Why do we spend hundreds on bats, pads, gloves, bags, helmets but only the price of a couple of pints of protecting our penises?

There’s been some pretty high level incidents that have led to players needing testicles removed as a result of blows to their groin. The new product aims to reduce the severity of impact and injury to this area. By utilising an anatomically shaped cup that’s been made deeper than others on the market, then integrating an internal layer of high impact D3O foam inside of it. A silicone surround reduces movement whilst wearing the product to hold it in position for both comfort and protection.

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